Course curriculum

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    Returning Home: Unlearning Internalized Anti-Blackness

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    • What Were Africans doing in 1492?

    • The 1st to do it

    • Epigenetics - the making of race

    • Who to Blame

    • We Did That!

    • Meet Your Instructor, Dr. Rodney

    • Knowledge Check

    • Journal Prompts

    • How are you feelings | Where do you feel it?

    • You're Welcome!!

    • Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. How Is It Different From PTSD? | AJ+

    • Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Review

    • Grounding Body Scan

    • We Wear The Mask - Maya Angelou

    • The Mask

    • Message in the Music

    • Why Would I Trade My Dime

    • The 1st To Do it

    • Internalized Anti-Blackness Looks Like

    • Who's Idea Was It?

  • 3

    Healing from Internalized Anti-Blackness

    • Black Dialouge

    • How You Feelin'?

    • Did You Know?

    • Words Matter

    • A Note from Nina

    • Sound Bowl Healing


Here are a few of the minds who are responsible for developing this learning experience.

Founder + CEO

Ain Ealey

Ain is an educator, reputable grassroots organizer and honors both her elders and ancestors inviting you to do the same. Her current work through the SelfCare After Series operates as a community intervention project that engages healing justice operating through a trauma informed lens connecting community awareness of the deleterious impact racial discrimination has on our mental, emotional and physiological health. She is also the founder of the SelfCare Kit. Her dream is to invite healing through compassion, empathy, knowledge and an active display of love within any and all spaces that Black folk exist in. She is a Spelman College alumna with the goal to obtain her PhD in Clinical Community Psychology.


Amir Nasser

Amir Nasser is a Writer, Filmmaker, and Blogger who challenges the American Racial structure through his artistic expression. He is a Morehouse Graduate and is currently working towards a career in the Film Industry.


Wellness Practitioner

Niyankor Ajuaj

Niyankor Ajuaj is a queer, Sundanese, Earthy Black Femme who loves sunsets, the moon in all her phases and puns. As a deep creative, her work manifests through writing, curating and facilitating workshops and muse(ing). She is passionate about organizing community, collaborating, and conversing about global Black healing + restoration, art + self-discovery. Niyankor is currently based in Denver, CO and is the Specialist of HERstory for Soul 2 Soul Sisters - a fiercely faith-based, Black womxn-led, racial justice nonprofit organization focused on Black healing and Black liberation. She is also a part of the Palm Wine Collective - a Black, Queer, Femme-led creative arts collective curating content and experiences centering the African Diaspora and global Black healing, restoration and joy; and a student of Satya Yoga Cooperative, Colorado’s first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program for people of color, and the nation’s first POC member-owned yoga cooperative.

Wellness Practitioner

Mwuese Igyor

Mwuese Igyor is a minister, mommy, and mental health worker. Mwuese obtained a BA in Psychology from Millersville University of Pa in 2005, a MA in Church Ministries: Urban Ministry from Saint Mary’s Seminary and University in 2013, and MSW from Morgan State University in 2016. She is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. Mwuese is CBT Plus certified and her area of interest are mindfulness, meditation, and selfcare. Mwuese often works with women and young adults, who experience trauma, anger management, reentry, and are seeking liberation. Mwuese lives in Baltimore, MD with her daughter Lena. She enjoys travel, fashion, and sitting by the water. Mwuese hopes to bring healing and liberation to those who have experienced barriers from traditional mental health practices.


Tobi Shannon

Tobi is a a strategist and project manager, working cross-collaboratively among several teams in corporate, non-profit, and volunteer settings to envision equitable methods for increasing capacity and efficiency among business practices and procedures. Through various projects, Tobi works to implement strategy and create sustainable and long-lasting solutions for various systemic problems. Tobi is a current graduate student of sustainable business and policy, and works as an Operations Manager. A current resident of Los Angeles, Tobi enjoys relaxing at the beach as well as chatting with friends over a glass of wine, sometimes in front of a mic. You can catch her bi-weekly on "Mimosionally Unavailable," streaming where you get your podcasts and on Instagram @mimosionally.unavailable .