• What is your Mission and what are your Values?

    Our mission is to decontaminate and decolonize our minds and heart space of anti-Blackness by using an interdisciplinary, creative and trauma-informed approach. Our values are- Healing: Recognizing our trauma, and utilizing the tools necessary to heal. Restoration: Understanding the rest in restoration, and working towards returning to our true selves. Unlearning: Pushing aside misinformation to seek truth through the stories of the diaspora.

  • How Can I Partner?

    We are always looking for friends, collectives and organizations that align with our mission (even if you are not Black but want to help in this work). We’re accepting donations through our website www.selfcareafter.org or Cashapp $SelfCareAfter Donations qualify as a tax write-off. You may gift the course to someone. Help amplify our mission through Instagram @SelfCare_After, Facebook, Email.

  • Who is considered Black?

    If you have a genealogy that contains a Black family member (a parent, for instance), then you are considered Black. Black is a categorization of race, as outlined from @TheConsciousKid. While we recognize that the concept of race is a social construct, we also understand how significant it is for the perceived social and physical differences that determine who we are in our world. By placing significant focus on people within the diaspora, we center our experiences and aim to decolonize our minds of anti-Blackness through several avenues of learning. Black refers to people who genetically derive from African people. Black also refers to the Black American ethnic group.

  • Who is this course for?

    Any individuals who genetically belongs to the African diaspora and who consider themselves Black, including individuals who are of mixed race. We see you.

  • Do you teach hate?

    No. We teach researched truth. We also encourage participants to critically engage their emotions and the content they receive here along with the messages that larger society inundates us with through media, k-12 curriculum and other mediums where we gain and understanding of who we are and the world around us.

  • I’m not Black but can I donate or contribute

    Please do! We understand the necessity for coalition building. African wisdom says, that we can go further together. Please find the donation button on our website www.selfcareafter.org or support our sister store by purchasing a SelfCare Kit on etsy. https://www.etsy.com/shop/SelfCareKitCo

  • Can I join as an educator for the course or future courses?

    YES! We'd love to connect with brands an individuals who align with the mission of either the Internal Healing Network or the SelfCare After Series. Please contact [email protected] for inquiries about joining the Internal Healing Network team.

  • Will I have unlearned all of my anti-Blackness by the end of this course?

    Unfortunately, No. This is a journey that does not end. We must continue to unlearn, and there are layers. You must be willing to do the work to continually unlearn anti-Blackness, and this course can be a great catalyst for that process!

  • Who or what informs the content of the course?

    As an extension of the SelfCare After Series, the Internal Healing Network is a collective of educators, creatives, mental health practitioners and community activists with varying skills designing creative political education curriculum to explore, expose, examine, empower, educate and heal African diasporic communities.